Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's Abuse, not Science Fiction!

This is my story...

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My name is Andrzej (Andrew) Suda. My story has many facets. It started very ordinary and only some
shocking events of 1995 forced me to realize that something not so ordinary, rather horrific, was going on in my
life. It may be going on in you life too, but you don’t know it yet…
From my experience, people who didn’t recognize certain signs on time are already long dead. Please spare a
few minutes, read my story. It may help to make the world a better place one day.
I was born in Poland, grew up during communist domination, finished college and received a Masters of Arts
degree in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Was I an anticommunist? Yes, more
vocal than active. A natural sense of justice (and common sense as well) made it impossible for me to accept
and adapt myself to this cruel and perverted political system. I was longing for a normal life in a normal
environment. As soon as it was possible, I immigrated to the U.S.A.
About a year after my arrival to New York City, a Polish girl named Anna (a “cousin” of a friend from my
college) arrived and we started dating. We moved (1990) to San Diego and purchased a house together as joint
tenants (1993). Shortly thereafter my health started to deteriorate; nevertheless I kept working in order to pay
the mortgage. In the same moment, my girlfriend quit her job and pretended to look for another over a period
of about 1.5 years. (1994-1995)
Through a string of events I realized that she is an intelligence agent on a mission and I (as a naïve artist/church
decorator) am her cover. Crazy as it sounds…I have attached evidence to document this. (1995)
I was being poisoned by my girlfriend. The Poison Clinic of the University of California at San Diego
suspected RICIN. I tried to collect as much evidence as possible of her true “profession” before my escape
from the “unhealthy” environment. At the time, I cooperated with the Criminal Intelligence Unit of the San
Diego Police Department. After conducting their own investigation, their findings proved the severity of my
situation to be so grave that they helped me get a concealed weapon permit.
I went to the FBI and within two weeks of “cooperation”, I realized I had been sold out. The Office of the
Inspector General of the United States Department of Justice accepted my complaint against the FBI and started
their own investigation. Together we were able to gather evidence of the FBI’s treachery. Unfortunately
Washington headquarters “transferred” the agent who was assisting me, and put a “blanket of silence” over the
whole case.
Since then my life had become a living hell. I realized that there is something bigger than the Cold War,
something that people would sacrifice the safety of their own country in order to protect its secrecy. I knew that
one of my girlfriend's supervisors (handlers?) was a Polish representative to the UN, who became a professor at
Harvard. I knew that the local (San Diego) ABC TV station was personally stopped by Peter Jennings from
investigating my case (they aired a program about similar KGB operatives earlier).
The biggest obstacles on my way to expose all of it? Attacks against my financial well being, isolating me
socially, sabotage at work and of my car, ringing in ears, super vivid dreams that drain you and keep you asleep
for many, many hours - these are all MC tricks constantly used on me. For the last six months it has been
physically impossible to sleep at home. Sometimes I cannot stay there during the day for more than 10-15
minutes. If they hope for my suicide…they got the wrong guy!!!

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